Facials Price Duration
Biotech Blemish Control £30.00 30
Biotech Blemish Control £60.00 60
Firm a Lift £30.00 30
Firm a Lift £60.00 60
Biotech Line Eraser £60.00 60
Skin Resurfacer £30.00 30
Skin Resurfacer £60.00 60
Eye Treatment £15.00 30
Radiance Renew £30.00 30
Radiance Renew £60.00 60
Sensitive Skin Soother £30.00 30
Taster Facial Promo £20.00 30
60 min 4 FOR 3 COURSES £180.00 60

Course of 3, Receive 4th Complimentary – Payment in full is required when booking the first session of the course. To experience and enjoy the full benefits, we recommend completing the entire course of services.

DIBI Milano

Dibi Milano Price Duration
Dibi Antioxidant £80.00 60
Dibi Retinol £80.00 60
Dibi Vit C Peel £80.00 60
4 FOR 3 COURSES £240.00
The Facial Experience £30.00 30
Skin Analysis £20.00 15

This option gives you a chance to experience the ambience of our therapy room, full consultation and advice on Skin Routine.

Our advanced machine examines your skin under various lighting conditions to identify issues such as inflammation, sun damage, pores, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. Based on this analysis, we can tailor a bespoke skincare plan that meets your specific needs. Please note, this service is complimentary when you book a course of treatments at our salon.

What is Biotec?

Biotec is a state-of-the-art machine that is can be used during our treatments integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance your skincare experience.

Biotec offers red and blue light therapy, catering to different skin needs; red light promotes collagen production and healing, while blue light targets bacteria to treat and prevent acne.
Oxygen infusion breathes life into your skin, boosting circulation and encouraging cellular renewal for a radiant complexion. Microcurrent pulses gently stimulate the skin cells, toning and lifting the facial muscles for a natural contour.
Galvanic infusion drives our potent serums deeper into your skin, maximising their efficacy. 
Lastly, the ultrasonic spatula exfoliates and deeply cleanses, leaving your skin smooth and prepped to absorb nourishing products. Embrace the future of beauty with our Biotec-enhanced facials