Indulge in the artistry of our nail care at Donaghadee Hair & Beauty. Our expert nail technicians offer a range of treatments from elegant manicures to bespoke acrylics. Tailored to your desires, our services are designed to pamper, beautify, and express your individual style.

Nails Price Time
File & Polish £16.50 30
Nail Trim & Shape £11.00 15
Mens Manicure & Arm Massage £25.50 45
Full Set Acrylic (Gel) (up to 3 solid colours) £45.00 120
Acrylic Maintenance (Gel) £35.00 60/75
Acrylic Removal £25.00 60
Nail Art (per Nail) £2.00 10
French Polish extra £5.00 15
Glitter or Foil (per Nail) £1.00 5
Plexigel Buildergel (up to 3 solid colours) £30.00 60/90
Plexigel Maintenance £28.00 60/90
Plexigel Extensions £40.00 120
Plexigel (Builder) Removal £25.00 60
Nail Art (per Nail) £2.00 10
French Polish extra £5.00 15
Glitter or Foil (per Nail) £1.00 5
Broken Nail (after 48 hours) £8.00 15
Shellac Gel Polish - up to 3 solid colours £25.00 45
Shellac polish on Toes £26.00 45
Soak Off Shellac Polish £20.00 20
Nail Art (per Nail) £2.00 10
French Polish extra £5.00 15
Glitter or Foil (per Nail) £1.00 5

What's Included:

Tips are applied to the natural nail bed to create the desired length and shape, followed by acrylic application and finished with your choice of colour of gel polish on top.

Acrylics are long lasting enhancements, but not permanent. Therefore they require maintenance every 3-4 weeks. The previous colour is filed off, the shape will be refined, and the growth infilled with acrylic, then finished with a gel colour of your choice.

Acrylic or Plexigel is removed by filing the top layer then soaking in acetone. Once removed, natural nails are filed, shaped, and finished with cuticle oil application.

Natural nails are filed and shaped, cuticles are removed leaving a clean nail bed. The shellac gel polish colour of your choice is the applied and finished with cuticle oils application. Shellac will last 2-3 weeks.

The Shellac is lightly buffed and soaked off for 5-10 minutes. The nails are filed and shaped with cuticle oils application, leaving the natural nail base healthy.

Plexigel is CND’s line of builder gel. It’s a brush on gel that provides strength and protection to the natural nail beds designed to be durable and long lasting that aids the growth of natural nails. It can be left natural or a colour of your choice can be applied on top. Plexigel will need maintenance every 3-4 weeks.

Same as above but with tips. It is the same price as acrylics extensions.

Art that is hand drawn by our amazing creative technicians.

This is a separate product that is applied on top of your gel colour.

For your manicures and pedicures to be upgraded to gel for a longer lasting finish to fingers and toes.

*Soak-offs are complementary when getting a re-application of gel polish
*If you are not getting a gel polish re-applied, you will receive a file and polish and nail strengthener after your soak off

Pedicures Price Duration
Spa Pedicure £38.50 90
Delux Pediciure £33.00 60
Express Pedicure £23.00 30
Gel Extra £12.00 15
Manicures Price Duration
Delux Manicure £33.00 60
Express Manicure £20.00 30
Gel Extra £12.00 15